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Some thoughts on the pros and cons of the basic approaches to develop apps for mobile devices. Feel free to give some feedback.

Web App / Mobile Website (jQuery Mobile, Sencha Touch, Kendo UI, …)

  • Runs in the phone’s browser (HTML5, CSS, Javascript and/or local storage for the data) 
  • Uses the same codbase to support all devices and os (depends on the chosen framework) 
  • Updates installed in real time 
  • Found through google web search and accessible by desktop browsers 
  • User has to wait until the app is loaded (slow/no connection can ruin the experience for the user)
  • No full integration of all phone features (accelerometer, push notification, camera, compass, etc.)
  • Extensive use of javascript effects and Ajax may have bad effects on the performance and the CPU and battery usage.

Native App (Objective-C, .Net/C#, Java)

  • Using native UI-Components and OS-Api (best user experience) 
  • Fully utilize all phone features (accelerometer, geolocation, push notification, camera, compass, etc.) 
  • Because the app is downloaded on the device it can be accessed at any time 
  • Good for high performance applications (e.g. games)
  • Requires implementation specific to handset OS (using local database and filesystem) 
  • Must be downloaded and installed from the Apple iTunes Store, the Android Market and other similar services 
  • The consumer has to upgrade to get new versions 
  • IPhone native apps must be approved by Apple

Hybrid App (PhonegapRhomobileTitanium)

  • Using Phonegap every Web App can be wrapped into a native app packed for appstore distribution, without the need of lower-level languages such as Objective-C
  • Natively target all smartphones with a single codebase 
  • Access to the device API ( 
  • All layout rendering is done via the webview instead of the platform’s native UI-Framework, so the performance issues remain the same.

hey guys,

here are our first ideas for our mobile learning application.

check it out:

please feel free to add some other ideas or tell us which is your favorite one.

greetings form berlin

Hi Team-Members of Group 3,

we’re uploaded our introducing video to vimeo. You’ll find us here:

We’re excited and looking forward to our project. Some ideas are in our mind, which we”ll present you these days. You’ll be informed about the blog, twitter or the Wiki.

More tomorrow, bye